Thoughts on the “Big Self”

(Written circa Fall 2012)

What is the ΔSELF∇?

Two stories from Indian texts came to mind, though I do not recall their origins.

For the Self, a parable in Indian lore describes its aspects. Three blind men are all holding different parts of an elephant: its trunk, its tail, the torso, and so on. They all trying to understand what they are feeling.

They argue and cannot agree on what it is they are all perceiving. The triune nature of our being: Mind, Body, and Spirit. They all grope some thing and sensing separateness, try to discern. When in fact, it is the same object of experience they all touch.


Another comes to mind: the parable of the Self and the Mind working together. Like a blind, strong man carrying a sighted lame man on his back. The lame one “sees” for his companion. The strong one moves and manipulates matter for his guide. A metaphor for how we unreflectively perceive the universe perhaps. Are we our minds? Or are we the awareness of our minds?  It seems like there is this other watcher who is present beyond our thoughts and sensations. Something like a soul or essence…


May you carry yourself well. Ut te bene ferre.


Aping at One’s Heels

No matter tranquil forest grove,

Or silent mountain crag,

There exists a disharmony one may tread,

As animals from the depths of ontogeny gambol free.

Perilous is the integration,

Entering into scathing light from the cavern’s maw,

Buoyant and free are Children of Space,

Upon understanding that Sunlight peeks at the cavemouth.

Trine angels and demons,

Gorgeous patterns of concrescent geometry,

Out from going In is the clarion’s call pealed,

Did Man not perceive the limitations of the monkey Mind?

Medieval Ape Party