A Sage out of Time

As surely as the waters flow down to the sea,

The life of the creative soul drew out in its unfoldment.

Watching the screens of life pass through endless forms,

Not attaching to their movement nor their presence,

A sage watches all with a focused contentment, but with naked eyes.

Lashing out to catch the setting Sun was the role of the beast,

Instead one may find themselves pondering the life-cycle of the swimming koi,

Or quietly composing poetry at the garden gate.

Wang Xizhi, Sage of Calligraphy

Immortals rise,

Bearing gifts of the ancestors,

Breathing life,

Guardian comes from afar,

To hold the Phoenix’s tail,

To speak of the Dragon’s boon,

To sit atop the mountain looking down from outside of time.


Contented Containment

Gregariously the sapling felt its roots explore into Earth,

Right into the bedrock had the tender tendrils of Spring brushed,

Out of the damp detritus of those before had the green lotus blossomed,

Winds fierce and breezes buoyant lay into the leaf,

Sensing a fragrant air had the shoots searched into the sky,

Tiny droplets of dew glided upon the boughs and crevices of life,

Round again the great star spun below the tall tree line and bathed the field,

Outward appearance would have the flower fill not much space at all,

Nettles and berries bore over the ground where deep network lay,

Grow young life and thrive in the brush still, be content with cool rain and warm light.

By: Romantar.deviantart.com

By: Romantar.deviantart.com