A Sage out of Time

As surely as the waters flow down to the sea,

The life of the creative soul drew out in its unfoldment.

Watching the screens of life pass through endless forms,

Not attaching to their movement nor their presence,

A sage watches all with a focused contentment, but with naked eyes.

Lashing out to catch the setting Sun was the role of the beast,

Instead one may find themselves pondering the life-cycle of the swimming koi,

Or quietly composing poetry at the garden gate.

Wang Xizhi, Sage of Calligraphy

Immortals rise,

Bearing gifts of the ancestors,

Breathing life,

Guardian comes from afar,

To hold the Phoenix’s tail,

To speak of the Dragon’s boon,

To sit atop the mountain looking down from outside of time.


Carrying On

All of them walked each day carrying an invisible burden,

Hoisted onto their backs, this load was composed of a life’s detritus,

One could spot the strong by noticing who used their full strength.

Some may let down their load and let dust fall from it,

Others are careful to not let it brush the Earth as they walk,

At some point, each of these carriers may come up against the carrying of another,

It is in these crossings, within these meetings that true relation emerges.

For the wise and the kind do not burden others,

They will not allow their weight to fall upon the backs of those unprepared.

Be careful not to project your contents,

Keep the head high, the back straight and move with dignity,

Only stooping to help lift up others,

When you witness their genuine need.


Aping at One’s Heels

No matter tranquil forest grove,

Or silent mountain crag,

There exists a disharmony one may tread,

As animals from the depths of ontogeny gambol free.

Perilous is the integration,

Entering into scathing light from the cavern’s maw,

Buoyant and free are Children of Space,

Upon understanding that Sunlight peeks at the cavemouth.

Trine angels and demons,

Gorgeous patterns of concrescent geometry,

Out from going In is the clarion’s call pealed,

Did Man not perceive the limitations of the monkey Mind?

Medieval Ape Party

The Crab Guarding the Moon


Seven years the crab had protected this cosmic form, now prepared to unleash coastal storm,

Ere’ the planetoid spun, opposite the garden planet across the Sun,

Adages of finger pointed at the Moon, to gaze at hand foretold of a loon.

Onus of dawn’s followed light, shine down onto seafoam bright,

For in the waters rustled creatures deep, one must allow a primordial sensation steep.

Fountains in the deep of the sea, bubbled to surface with goddesses three,

Expect emotion to emerge unbridled now, look forward to how fears submerge, but how?

Entrance into trance of lunacy, lapping against the shores with poetic fluency,

Lingering in the sands, such subtle effects were evidenced throughout her lands,

Integral to planetary biosystem, the wise heed her midnight dictum,

No way to ignore the lunar field, in pattern uncovering unconscious yield,

Galvanizing shoreline creations of artful expression, an ancient turning, a seasonal succession.