Craving for Insight

Why was Insight such a numinous experience that first time?

Further, why do we humans crave the almighty flow state that accompanies it?


It draws us completely out of ourselves and allows an open discourse to develop organically within oneself. However the very next day, in each of us, we often show that the realizations had failed to stabilize or take real root.

I hold it constantly in my mind, trying to refresh the rush, yet not as an action, but as mere memory and reflection.

What is it about returning to ‘consciousness as normal’ that deactivates any counter streams that may have formed?

There is some repair mechanism within the psyche that becomes the sober awareness that nothing should change. It will be far easier to continue on normally as if nothing had been seen in the mirror.

Especially those things that threaten the conscious ego mind’s throne. The visions of the progressive destruction of its high-walled city of selfishness, these are the things most abhorrent to it.


The truer work of those flow states & mystic visions that transcend our egos is making them applicable across the threshold.

You must find a place for them amidst a ‘normal’ and mundane understanding.

Honestly, the distinction between the two realms is a mere convention, and conventions after all are just boundaries. Boundaries arbitrarily imposed by the dominant culture-stream.

The onus is to convince yourself to flip the script and consider alternative reality-tunnels, or in an enlightened state rarely achieved, to posit no tunnels at all except Reality As It Is.



Aping at One’s Heels

No matter tranquil forest grove,

Or silent mountain crag,

There exists a disharmony one may tread,

As animals from the depths of ontogeny gambol free.

Perilous is the integration,

Entering into scathing light from the cavern’s maw,

Buoyant and free are Children of Space,

Upon understanding that Sunlight peeks at the cavemouth.

Trine angels and demons,

Gorgeous patterns of concrescent geometry,

Out from going In is the clarion’s call pealed,

Did Man not perceive the limitations of the monkey Mind?

Medieval Ape Party

A Lesson on Time

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The sifu said to his student,

“Now you are to be instructed in the transformation of time.”

 “How may I train for this awareness?”, he asked.

The sifu told him to, in three years time, to tell him the Heaven-born sage’s estimation of the true length of a day.

The student was profoundly focused for months in training upon hearing this. He enabled his mindfulness and daily discipline so that he may understand as the sage does. Redoubling his training, the student set out to the mountain near his town to settle into solitude.
One autumn, whilst eating his course vegetable soup, the student found himself gazing at a moth’s cocoon perched on a gingko branch. It was then that the student’s eyes were opened. As he contemplated the small object, he at once saw in the cocoon many cocoons. Each transformed into the next before him as if many caterpillars were emerging at once. At once there was the egg, the larvae, the chrysalis, and the moth all entwined upon the leaf.


Upon contemplating this, the student began to apprehend his relation to time.

After seven months of study, the student returned to his sifu’s hut.

Upon arriving, he found his teacher adrift in the pond on the southern face of the mountain. He greeted him and proclaimed, “The length of a day is the time it takes for the moth to emerge.”

The older man, looking at him unblinking for a time, sat down nearby.

“Yesterday you saw yourself as an arrow drawn by a strong-armed warrior, let loose into the stream of samsara.

The student also took a seat beside the master, but not as an equal.

Sifu continued, “Seven moons in a day, and now you may share in the knowledge of the moth. Does the moth not think of where it is upon Earth? Does the moth not think of when it is under Heaven?”

“And so it is with human life and affairs. The drifting of the wheel on the water turns due to immutable laws governing Heaven and Earth. The wind blows over this stream, and yet it is unmoved in its movement. What you saw was the observer’s point of view, not the moth’s. Inside the cocoon lies the secret; inside is the emanation of time.”