About Me


NOTICE: THIS BLOG IS NOW FOUND AT www.beyondtheveilofsleep.com


Definition of a “dreamer”: 
noun ¦ dream·er \ˈdrē-mər\
-a person who dreams or is dreaming whilst asleep.
Latin translation for “dreamer”:
noun ψ Somniator

This is a blog dedicated to the radical application of mindfulness in creative writing. It is intended to pattern-interrupt your wakefulness and inspire your art.

I am a Writer, Yogi, Philosopher, adventurer, traveler, Qigong Practioner, JōninKendoka, Texan, foodie, artist, and dreamer.

I write about poetry, consciousness, theoretics, Mind, & Nature. They take the form of poems, stories, articles, and liminal combinations of these media.

Please read, peruse, and share these mental resources to empower your social sphere’s evolution.


Join me in surrendering into the well of pure, felt, present-moment experience.

“The dreamer, the visionary seer, not only sees, but does something, makes something.”

En Vincere, 



Please email me with questions, prose, & memes: somniatorus@gmail.com


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